The serious racer insists on Supa Jax Car Stands lift system...
Available in Chrome , Powder Coat or Zinc Plated
Custom Heights and Widths Available
Welcome to Superjax, race car stand, manufactured by Mr Enforcer Engineering in Sydney.
Car owners and crew chiefs alike are insisting on using Supa Jax lift systems as the safest and quickest way to lift their race cars. The Supa Jax system makes lifting a race car a "one man job".
A Supa Jax system can be designed to lift most any type of vehicle
Supa Jax are available in different sizes and lift heights, and are fitted specifically for each race car. Whether it's for a dragster, Funny Car, Doorslammer, Pro Stock style race car, this is definitely the safest way to work on your race car. The lift system has been designed with two speed flow control devices that make it possible to lower the car at a desired rate.

A standard Supa Jax system comes with an air-over-hydraulic foot pedal pump with optional electric pumps available at various speeds. These electric model pumps have been designed to operate the lifting and lowering of the vehicle from a remote switch on a 6 metre cord.
The growing demand for the Supa Jax lift system can be attributed to its design characteristics. For instance, the Supa Jax design enable it to lift a race car without the lifts "arching" as do regular floor jacks. This eliminates the dangerous "rolling" that a race car does when being lifted by traditional jacking systems.
Also, a Supa Jax lift only requires approximately 50mm ground clearance prior to lifting the vehicle.
This is becoming even more beneficial with the specs of todays race cars. Furthermore, once fully raised, the locking arms swing up into place and convert the lifts into a solid work stand. Combined with Supa Jax reputation of superior craftsmanship and using only durable high quality materials, Supa Jax Car Stands lift systems are the quickest yet safest way to lift a race car.
Whether in the shop or an unpaved pit area, Supa Jax Race Car Stands provide a consistent and dependable way to lift your race car. Supa Jax Race Car Stands have been racer tested and proven in the harshest of conditions and roughest of track-site locations.
Supa Jax commitment to using only quality materials and superior hydraulic hardware insure that a Supa Jax system will continue to perform for years to come.
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